This recipe is for my brother, Giuliani, who absolutely loves this dish! “Giuliani’s Stromboli” is why this is named after him!

Don’t know what to make for dinner? Want to try something different? Are you feeling like you want an “Italian Style” meal? Well, I am going to teach you all how to make a spinach & prosciutto stromboli! It sounds difficult, but is super easy! And since I know making the dough is probably a process for some, I will give you the simple and easy way to do this!


(1) 1 Box of Spinach (you can use frozen, but you have to let it defrost first).

(2) Cheese (mozzarella, genuino, etc are fine). I like genuino, but you can use whatever you’d like!

(3) Prosciutto (cubed and cut into small chunks)

(4) Garlic

(5) Tomatoes

(6) Pizza dough. (If you don’t want to make this by yourself, go to a local pizzeria and ask to buy a dough! They will allow you!

Before we start putting the ingredients onto the dough, grab a pot and boil the spinach with some garlic and tomatoes (sliced). Simmer for about 5-10 minutes!

photo (6)

Step 1: Take the dough and roll it out as thin as you can! The dough will rise in the oven!

Step 2: Put a dab of olive oil all over the dough, you will want it to be moist.

Step 3: Take your prosciutto cubes and scatter them onto the stromboli.

photo (7)

Step 4: Take spinach, tomato, and garlic mixture and put onto dough.

photo (4)

Step 5: Take pizza dough and flip it to the side like you are putting together a burrito. It will come out looking like this:

photo (1)

Poke holes with your fork through the dough so it can get air and make some lines throughout it as well!

Step 6: This is such an IMPORTANT STEP! Before putting the stromboli into the oven, put OIL on the dough. It will become too hard and won’t taste right!

Step 7: Set oven to 375, cook for 35 minutes, and once done, let it cool off for about 15.

Step 8: Your stromboli should come out looking like this:

photo (3)

Step 9: Cut open! It is delicious! Mangiare e gustare!


photo (2)


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